Our night count team gathered on a chilly summer’s eve of the 17th of March 2022 to conduct our quarterly night count. It was a huge success with animals of all sizes spotted.

The most common animal found at all the sites was the Cape dwarf chameleon, approximately 76 were spotted in Muizenberg East sites, along with many spiders. We found a total of five Grysbok in Muizenberg East Private Nature Reserve and Zandvlei sites. An African porcupine was also spotted by one observer, but most just heard it running into the bushes.

A spotted thick-knee family was encountered in the road at Capricorn Park. The chick would not move out of the road so we had to encourage its journey to the other side while fending off the adults trying to protect the chick, it made it across successfully.

A highlight was the three different frog species spotted at Soralia conservation area, namely an Arum lily frog, a Cape sand frog, as well as a Western Leopard Toad.