The appearance of Purple vetch (Vicia americana) – a weed with pretty lilac flowers – at the Zoarvlei section of Table Bay nature reserve, provided an opportunity for working together across city departments. This time of year, the reserve usually experiences the resurgence of several weedy alien plants.

Clearing the vetch required the help of several extra staff members and teams, over various joint operations.

All in all, two tonnes of vetch were removed and the infested management blocks were cleared. As is typical with weedy alien plants, follow-up clearing will be needed during the season. Purple Vetch is a creeper growing over other species thus inhibiting growth. It is recommended that you remove invasive weeds immediately upon discovering them to prevent them from spreading.

Thank you to all those who have helped in clearing the Purple vetch from Table Bay Nature Reserve and especially the Paarden Eiland City Improvement District.