We support the preservation of Cape Town’s unique and biodiverse natural heritage through education, training and conservation initiatives.

Nature Connect has three main focuses:

i) conducting high quality, outdoor education programmes designed to challenge and change the lives of youth,

ii) to provide training and development to gain access into the Green Economy, and

iii) to support the City of Cape Town’s Biodiversity Network through providing expertise for the management of public and private conservation areas.

Our Vision

To be the leading force in environmental education in South Africa.

  • Participation in activities that support environmental stewardship, develop and provide opportunities to youth to pursue a career in the Green Economy.
  • To galvanise local communities, corporate companies, friends groups, developers and private individuals to take responsibility for their environment through the Nature Care Fund.

Our Objectives

  • To provide and promote environmental education and youth development programmes
  • To capacitate individuals through mentorship, training and development activities
  • To create job opportunities
  • To conserve and enhance biodiversity
  • To strive to achieve financial self-sufficiency