CTEET had a rich history spanning 20 years of changing lives through nature-based programmes, green skills development and employment opportunities in the Green Economy. The time had come to extend programmes beyond Cape Town and forge a national footprint under a much more inclusive and far-reaching new name, NATURE CONNECT.

With great excitement Dr Anthony Roberts, Nature Connect CEO tells us, “It is in the bridging of the Public, Private and Non-Profit sectors where we will drive growth and bring about change requiring us to continue to connect people to nature, people to people and people to cause. Whilst ‘nature’ is the foundation of everything we do, we also believe strongly in connecting. We have built a good foundation on partnerships and collaboration and look forward to what Nature Connect is going to deliver.”

The organisation looks forward to taking these partnerships to new heights. The first of their programmes to go national is the Sustainable Schools Programme. Coupled with an interactive online sustainability hub, this crucial programme in Nature Connect’s Crèche-to-Career model will take the lead in shaping the future of education for sustainable development in South Africa and beyond. “This programme provides a platform for schools throughout Africa to connect. We are building a Community of Practice, allowing for access to resources and commonality in our environmental message. Essentially it’s a place for participating schools to share successes and learn from each other,” said Jocelyn Anderson, the Sustainable Schools Programme Manager.

“With partners in other provinces already coming on board, we aim to have the Sustainable Schools Programme active in the majority of South African Schools by 2030 and extending beyond our borders in the next two years,” she continues.

According to Nature Connect Chairman, Dave de Korte, “It was the right time to review our brand and come up with something new, fresh and exciting – something that isn’t linked to a particular space, region or city – and which is accessible to everyone.”

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