On Saturday, 14 March 2020, 24 teachers from 16 different CTEET supported Eco-Schools joined some members of the CTEET education team for a day of fun, education, and teambuilding. This marked the first SACE accredited teacher training workshop of the year where the focus of the day was on incorporating inquiry-based activities, aligned to the school curriculum, into day-to-day teaching. Through group work the participants were tasked with producing lesson plans and activities that required them to “think outside the box”. Thereafter, they were exposed to various games and activities that could be played at school with their learners, which tied Environmental Education with Physical Education, creating a fun environment that allows for effective learning. An important aspect of the CTEET Teacher Workshops is to create an environment where teachers are not only capacitated, but network with one another, creating a community of active eco-educators. To build this sense of community, teachers set off on an adventure, dragon boating on Zeekoevlei, requiring teamwork and communication. This was something new for many of them and created an environment where teachers needed to work together in order to get themselves back to shore!