It has been a busy few months for both of the learnerships, with a number of training sessions, summative assessments and a trip to Riversdale.

The NQF2 Nature Conservation: Resource Guardianship learners are a lively bunch, with endless chats and plant or animal identification happening over Whatsapp. Instead of just being known as the by their four regions they are now the self-named ‘Eastern Monkeys’, ‘Southern Hippos’, ‘Central Renostertjies’ and the ‘Northern Birdies’, a product of their second trip to Riversdale (16-22 August) to complete the theoretical part of the second module. Just before their departure to Riversdale the learners wrote their first summative exam with 21 of the 23 passing. It must be noted that the pass mark was 75% so all the learners did very well. The ’Eastern Monkeys’ led a post-exam relaxation hike within the Helderberg Reserve. The learners will be working on their workbook 2 which includes a research project as well as doing driving lessons. Luckily they have already attended their first training in July but it is hoped that it will not be required. Good luck with the research and the driving lessons NQF2’s

The NQF 5 Environmental Management learners are working through their sixth month of an intense learnership with a new module being presented every 3rd or 4th week. Each module is accompanied by 2 assignments and a summative assessment (test). It has been a big jump from the practical, hands-on NQF2 Nature Conservation learnership to an academic Environmental Management learnership, but the 12 learners are taking it in their stride and are doing well to stay afloat. In the past three months they have completed modules on Environmental Ethics, Environmental Law, Human Sustainability and Biophysical Environment. The upcoming module is Environmental Analysis Tools. Good Luck and keep going strong NQF5’s.

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