Taking care of the environment and creating good stewards for our planet is at the heart of what we do, and in everything we take on. We hope to inspire individuals to play their part in making a few simple changes that will make the world a better place!

We are in the midst of the festive season, and the rush is on for the right gifts, decorations for the home, food for the holiday table, and outfits for holiday parties. It is also the time of year for countless published statistics on holiday waste. But, if we all make an effort to keep the holiday green lessens the negative impact on our environment and provides a positive example for those loving this season the most, children.

Keeping an eco-friendly balance should take little effort to accomplish.

Here are 4 Earth Savvy Ways to Keep The Joy In and The Waste Out of Your Holiday Celebration.

1. Sustainable giving:

Let’s play Secret Santa. Instead of everyone buying something for each other, only one present is given by each family member. You can also create your gift – if you have the time, and the inspiration, making a gift for someone special ensures a personal and unique present. Buying local and supporting local businesses goes a long way to reducing your carbon footprint.

2. Reduce your waste:

Remember to carry reusable grocery bags for shopping and choose products with less or without plastic packaging where possible. Bring your own small reusable bags for loose fruit and vegetables. Wrap those gifts with recycled paper or reuse the wrapping you painstakingly removed from last year’s gifts.

3. Let nothing be left over:

There are always creative ways to use one’s leftovers, but when Christmas comes, people tend to be a little more wasteful. The first option is to buy only what you need for less leftovers and use a composter and green waste bin for scraps.

Another solution to leftovers is to donate them. Contact your local charities that work in low income areas and find out if they will help distribute the meals or find your local housing shelter. Always make sure to check before you show up with bags of food. Some places will only accept nonperishables, and some take food prepared the day after to ensure long shelf life.



4. Connect with nature:

There is nothing better than spending time with friends and family in nature, like going for a walk around your local park or nature reserve or hiking up a mountain. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Most South Africans spend their summers on the beach – why not take the time to rally some friends to do a beach clean-up?

A little thought and consideration toward reducing waste, lowering your carbon footprint, and giving to those less fortunate, sets an excellent example for children and our peers and reduces the negative impact on our environment. Let us pause to consider how lucky we are to have all that Mother Nature offers and plan to put in a little effort to keep it green.