As part of our Training and Development Programme we currently have two Environmental Practices (NQF Level 2) learnerships running.

In February, the learners from our July 2017 intake participated in a Cultural Heritage talk with Jerome September, the Environmental Education officer based at Wolfgat Nature Reserve. The learners were first introduced to the topic of Cultural Heritage management and the importance of conserving heritage sites. Jerome discussed the various types of heritage sites that can be found and how learners as well as the public can assist in caring for these sites.

The learners visited a Cultural Heritage site in the Macassar section of the Wolfgat Nature Reserve where Sheikh Yusuf was buried. They learnt about how the Sheikh was one of a few people who were politically exiled to the Cape in the 1700’s, visiting his Tomb and gathering interesting information from the various plaques around the premises. This was a wonderful opportunity for the group to learn about a small piece of our very diverse Cultural Heritage. Thanks Jerome for showing them around!