Sixty learners from two schools in the Atlantis community were afforded the opportunity to attend a 3 day seaside camping experience at the Silwerstroomstrand camp site.

The two camps hosted 30 learners each time and provided them with a host of fun activities, starting off with the learners having to pitch their own tents and assisting to set up the 5mx5m ‘kitchen tent’. Once the beach safety talk was out of the way, the learners enjoyed a discovery walk learning about the various life forms found along the beach. Each morning started with an exercise session but it wasn’t the only form of physical activity the learners got to do on the camp. Aside from a number of interesting beach walks and night walks, the highlight for many of the learners on the “seaside” camp is sandboarding in the dunes. Loads of fun!

During all this fun, the learners were unknowingly being taught about beach and dune ecology, useful plants and the biodiversity of the area and if they were lucky and quiet enough, they would have seen some of the animals around camp. On the last evening, the learners had fun preparing their own dinner, a ‘potjie’. They were responsible for preparing the fire and all the ingredients as well as cooking their meal, quite an experience for some.

This programme is popular, as we are fully booked for the year.