The Environmental Education Programme (EEP) Staff decided to dedicate their time to the Cape Peninsula Organisation for the Aged (CPOA) in Lotus River. A total of 10 trees were delivered to the home and with the help of the CPOA staff, the EEP staff lent a hand in planting the trees with the elderly. The staff spent some time talking to them and learnt about their lives growing up in the community. It was an afternoon well spent, changing live (ours and theirs) through nature, even if it was for an hour.

The Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) learners also did their bit for Arbor Day. The CLP seniors gave 10 indigenous trees to a member of the Village Heights informal community who volunteered her time to help others, young and old. With assistance from the CTEET staff all 10 trees were planted and will in future provide shade and create shelter from the wind.