At Nature Connect, we believe in the transformative power of education and the incredible impact it has on shaping the future of conservation. Thanks to our steadfast partnership with CATHSSETA, we’re dedicated to providing Green Skills training through various educational programs, forging a path for early-career conservationists towards a vibrant green future.

Now, meet our exceptional learners highlighted this month from the 2022/23 programs:

🌿 Anele Mphunyuka – Unemployed Learnership Programme Hosted at Witzands Aquifer Nature Reserve, Anele shares, “I enjoyed my training with my team, our shared passion for the conservation industry has added to my experience. From snake handling to communication and environmental compliance, my commitment to this experience has added to my will and ability to make something of myself.”

🌳 Stanley Slingers – Employed Learnership Programme As a Field Ranger at West Coast National Park, Langebaan, Stanley expresses, “This experience was splendid! I learned valuable information that I apply to my everyday work requirements. The highlight for me was learning how to construct professional reports, which I am now implementing at my place of work.”

🦈 Sesethu Jelwana – Graduate Internship Programme Sesethu, hosted as an education intern at Shark Spotters, reflects, “Coming into this internship, I had no prior experience in marine conservation, but I have gained so much experience and have grown professionally. One of the most rewarding aspects was witnessing the positive impact of our educational efforts.”

Their stories not only showcase the transformative power of Green Skills training but also underscore the pivotal role these learners play in fostering a sustainable green economy. Stay tuned as we continue to spotlight these incredible journeys and celebrate the dedication of these learners shaping the future of conservation!