Throughout the month of August, we shined the spotlight on some of the remarkable ladies who are an integral part of our organisation. Some were so busy working that we couldn’t even get the chance to gather their stories – there are many more amazing women behind the scenes making a significant difference. Here are a few more voices we want to share, from our Sanccob/Quemic learners and Groen Sebenza interns:

Tamzyn Lewis, one of our dedicated interns, beautifully captures the essence of women’s role in conservation: “Women are designed with a great ability to care for others and their little ones. As natural caretakers, women play an integral part in biodiversity conservation as it is that exact quality that will bring about the most change and sustainable solutions to environmental problems.”

Yolanda Tyeba, a learner from our Sanccob/Quemic program, finds her joy in helping those in need. Her compassion shines through as she contributes to our mission of caring for the environment and its inhabitants.

Jade Brink, who works tirelessly in our team, cherishes the diversity and camaraderie among her colleagues: “I get to work with a diverse group of women and men who all love what they do. Everyone is always willing to explain or help with any problems. It’s truly fulfilling doing work for our animals and nature, knowing you had a hand in making sure they are taken care of.”

Thando Folokwe reflects on her journey with Nature Connect: “It’s been an amazing journey, and I’m still learning and excited to continue learning more.” Thando’s enthusiasm mirrors the growth and exploration that each day brings.

Meagan Eddy, an intern who embraces every challenge, shares her love for the unique environments she encounters: “I love that every environment is unique, offering new challenges and opportunities.” Her adaptable spirit adds a valuable layer to our team’s efforts.

Piwe Ludidi, another passionate intern, beautifully reflects on women’s deep connection with nature: “Women have always been deeply connected with nature; from domestic duties like collecting firewood, water, and weaving baskets. I believe naturally, this makes women more inclined to understanding the need for natural resource protection.”

As Women’s Month ends, the impact of these extraordinary individuals continues to resonate. Their dedication, insights, and unwavering commitment play a pivotal role in driving our organisation’s mission forward. We’re proud to have such inspiring colleagues, learners and interns on our team, shaping the future of environmental education and conservation.

Thank you to all the women who contribute their talents, compassion, and determination to making our world a better place. Your efforts are celebrated not only this month but every day. Together, we create positive change and inspire generations to come.