During the December/January school holiday, the Nature Connect Muizenberg East Cluster team prepared an environmental programme on the importance of pollination. The program was designed for the residential children of Coral sands, Dune crest, South Break, Sunrise Villas, and Soralia Village. The program was held on 21 December and 22 December and a total of 31 children joined.

The program set out to introduce different pollinators and their role in producing flowers, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. To broaden the children’s understanding of insects, they were taken on a nature walk to find different pollinators. The idea behind the nature walk was to make learning fun and get them excited about mosquitos and flies instead of viewing them primarily as a household pest.

After this, the kids created their own pollinator using recycled materials. They could take their creation home to show their parents/guardians and for it to serve as a reminder of the vital work pollinators do.

The kids enjoyed the program and asked the team to come back. This interaction confirmed that the team left a good impression on the kids, and we hope to continue bringing nature and people together through these programs.


Written by Aysha Lewis. 

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