World Water Week takes place from 23 August to 1 September 2022. This year’s theme is; Seeing the Unseen: The Value of Water – to help communities to view water in new and fascinating ways from many different perspectives.

August was also National Water Quality Month. The month was dedicated to making the most of the relatively small amount of freshwater because having clean water is vital to our health, collective agricultural needs, and environment.

In celebration of Water Awareness, the educators at Nature Connect prepared a puppet show for learners between Grade R to Grade 3. 

The puppet show’s name is – Drippy the Water Droplet. This fun interactive puppet show shares the journey of a young water droplet concerned about the health and safety of his home (which is the water body), as well as his family and friends that have suddenly disappeared through the misuse of water. Drippy begins his journey and notices how the people and children are wasting water, littering, and polluting the water body.

The show encourages the learners to give ideas and solutions on how they can help their new friend Drippy educate the people on how to use water without wasting it or polluting it. For example, Drippy meets a girl called ‘Thandi the Toothbrusher’ who leaves the tap open while brushing her teeth. Instead, the learners tell Thandi she should use a cup of water and not leave the tap open. Another character, Larry the Litterbug, throws his chips and sweets packets on the floor, ending up in the water. 

The learners then encourage Larry not to litter and explain why he should not. One learner stated that ‘we must not litter because our litter will end up in water and animals may eat it and get sick or die”. 

After the lesson, the learners pledge all to become Water Warriors!

This puppet show explains the result and impact of water pollution and the effect wasting water has on the environment and the animals that live in water and depend on our water bodies, such as rivers and oceans. 

The learners are so inspired after the lesson that they cannot wait to start using water-saving tips at home and school. Many learners said they would share the information and tips with their friends and families.

These are some of the comments from the Teachers:

“Very educational content presented”

“Wonderful lesson coincides with CAPS.”

“Learners could relate to the lesson.”

“Wonderful skills and show!”