Wandering around pockets of nature in the moonlight is a rare experience and privilege.

The Sight Night at Kenilworth Racecourse Conservation Area (KRCA), which took place in February, was a spectacle showcasing nature in its most peaceful and stunning form.

KRCA invited the public to join and explore what thrived from sunset into the dark. Shifting from previous years where chameleons were the main topic, the theme was broadened and included all nocturnal animals and those easily spotted at night. An addition to the night was the flora that caught the public’s attention too. Overall, 33 participants joined in adventuring through KRCA.

At Nature Connect, we believe that experiences such as these draw people into a richer understanding of the living world of which they form part. These experiences go a long way to the growing awareness that the world is more than a concrete jungle. We, therefore, go out of our way to create such unique opportunities for anyone to explore our world.