The Fynbos Forum is a transdisciplinary regional learning network including natural scientists, researchers, planners, managers, landowners and stakeholders who meet annually to share knowledge concerning regional conservation efforts in the fynbos biome, South Africa.

The 42nd Fynbos Forum took place near the beginning of September in an online virtual event, and was well supported with over 100 attendees at any one time throughout the three-day event.

The theme, “Connection. Community. Commitment.” stood starkly against the global covid-19 reality we were all living through.

CTEET’s Conservation Partnership Facilitator, Lynette Munro, facilitated a discussion lead by a panel of experts concerning what biodiversity offsets are, and what they are trying to achieve. Case studies were used to illustrate where biodiversity offsets have been more, or less, successful in contributing towards conservation goals. Current challenges, as well as opportunities for the future, were discussed.

The session, well received by the audience, with the majority indicating (via a live online poll) that they believe biodiversity offsets to be a valuable tool that can contribute towards biodiversity financing, and an instrument they are likely to be involved with in the future.

A replay of this session is available at on the Fynbos Forum website, specifically as the Special Session on Day 3 ( )

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