Out of the many significant dates which coloured our calendar over the past three months, we loved all the “green” themes and have linked this environmental calendar for you to note for next year. We end the term with June, which was National Environment Month in South Africa. On 05 June we celebrated World Environment Day, an annual reminder to take action for the protection of our environment. This year’s theme, It’s Time for Nature highlighted the importance of biodiversity and balance in the ecosystem being key to the survival, existence, and stability of the environment. We reminded our followers that protecting biodiversity is about finding realistic ways to coexist without damaging our environment. It also involves committing to daily choices that consider the ecosystems around us, and where our waste ends up. On 08 June celebrated our seas, acknowledging World Oceans Day and looked at why we need to protect them, now more than ever. One major threat to the ocean is microplastics. These are tiny plastic particles, either from broken-down plastics, or produced as microplastics and used in cosmetic products, synthetic clothing and tennis balls, to name a few. Microplastics are ingested by fish and other aquatic animals. It confuses their level of satiety and prevents them from obtaining their full nutrition value from proper food sources. They also absorb harmful chemicals in these microplastics. Hard to find and remove, it filters through to us, in our food and water. By reducing our plastic use, especially single-use plastics, we can reduce the number of microplastics in our oceans Be conscious of products that contain these harmful plastic microparticles. Remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle as we enter Plastic Free July!