The 8th annual Eco-Logic Awards event was held at the Table Bay Hotel on Wednesday evening and presented by The Enviropaedia which is South Africa’s online environmental encyclopaedia, green directory and repository of sustainability thought leadership. The Eco-logic Awards are one of South Africa’s premier environmental awards and Publishing Editor of the Enviropaedia, David Parry-Davies, writes that “Today, we celebrate individuals, communities and organisations who have the intelligence, foresight, wisdom and emotional maturity to behave in an Eco-Logical Manner. By changing the values and thinking patterns that motivate our behaviour and thus cause these environmental challenges, we can build a new foundation for a healthier, happier and more sustainable world for us to live and thrive in.”

Wednesday, 5 June was also World Environment Day, a fitting date to celebrate South Africa’s environmental champions and ambassadors!

We were awarded Silver in the Green Economy Category for the work carried out through our Training and Development initiatives. We have been running training and development initiatives for youth from low-income communities since 2007, in order to facilitate entrants to the Green Economy. Over 200 youth have participated in accredited nature conservation learnerships, graduate internships and tertiary bursary programmes. The nature conservation learnerships in particular have proven highly successful, with 73% of graduates having moved on to further training or employment on completion of their programmes. This model is strengthened by access to our various conservation projects, and our strong partnerships with Nature Reserves and Environmental Organisations. Participants not only have the opportunity to gain invaluable work-place experience during their 12 month placement on conservation projects and reserves, but our established network provides access to job opportunities within the Green Economy.

This unique model is growing the Green Economy by equipping youth for this sector; and providing experienced, willing and passionate entry-level environmentalists to the sector. At the same, we are providing opportunities for individuals to enter the Green Economy in order to better their lives and become involved in conservation projects working to protect and restore Cape Town’s biodiversity.

In addition to the Silver Award, our CEO Dr Anthony Roberts and Education & Training Manager Louise Matschke were awarded Best Dressed Couple for their upcycled “Glamorously Green” outfits, made out of animal feed bags!

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