Through funding from the Table Mountain Fund (TMF), CTEET has been operating as a Small Grants Facility for the past year. The aim of this facility is to facilitate and support new entrants to conservation. This year, 7 projects were selected to be a Small Grant recipient and their activities have been supported. This is a brief breakdown of what they were able to achieve:

Ingcungcu Sunbird Project

Over 1100 nectar-rich plants were planted in 8 schools in the Southern Suburbs, in order to inspire learners to learn about conservation and to create a fynbos corridor for birds across the City.

LIMPET Project

Teacher workshops and fieldtrips were conducted for 5 classes in order to conduct rocky-shore investigations at Dalebrook Beach. This introduced learners to the excitement of exploring the life of the rocky shores and beaches, as well as how to conduct scientific surveys.

Living Labs

Learners from 30 Schools attended river outings where they learnt about and completed miniSASS river assessments, and in the process experienced the life that can be found within our river systems.

Mosselbank River Conservation Team (MRCT)

A community team of 11 local individuals was built and upskilled in order to monitor land-based pollution (illegal dumping) and river quality, clear alien vegetation, report fire occurrences and illegal activities and to educate the local community in Fisantekraal.

Project Indigenousness

5 schools were involved, with classes learning about indigenous gardens and seeds. Learners assisted with planting and establishing of new gardens and were exposed to sustainable living concepts.

Thelma Susan Block Dumas Institute (TSBDI)

Over 200 youth were involved in visits to conservation sites such as Edith Stephens Nature Reserve and Rondevlei Nature Reserve, and 8 participants were assisted with becoming Volunteer Reserve Rangers to equip them for employment opportunities.

Youth Angling Academy (YAA)

The Youth Angling Academy has been active in establishing a solid group of young anglers mostly from Khayelitsha and Mitchell’s Plain. A variety of interventions were organised to ensure that that the learners are exposed to all the elements of angling and sustainable fishing  practices and conservation