The Capricorn Park annual fishing day was held on 25 November. The Fishing Day was started about 4 years ago and has since become a very popular day enjoyed by the tenants and their families of the Capricorn Business Park. Capricorn Business Park Lake is a privately owned, artificial 4 ha water body in the middle of the business park. It was designed to serve the dual purpose of being the drainage basin for the storm water system within the business park as well as an aesthetic feature. Because all the storm water in the Business Park ends up in the lake, it means that the ecological health of the lake has to be constantly monitored. This includes understanding the biochemical attributes of the lake including the biological diversity that it contains. The fishing day is held in order to determine what fish are present in the lake, as well as to remove invasive species such as Common Carp.

All Common Carp that are caught are removed from the lake. All other fish species caught are released again. This year only Carp were caught and nothing else. About 83 people attended this year’s Fishing Day and about 47 Carp were caught with the biggest one measuring 62 cm.

A number of prizes were sponsored and awards were given out for biggest catch of the day, fisherman of the day and fisherwoman of the day, among others. Well done and thank you to all sponsors, organizers and to everyone who was involved in the day, making it such a fun and successful event!