The management of the Zoarvlei Section of Table Bay Nature Reserve has recently been added to the CTEET Nature Care Fund Portfolio. Reward Nzuza was appointed as the Site Manager of the area in June after completing the CTEET internship programme.

The Zoarvlei Wetlands are a 140 ha section of Table Bay Nature Reserve on which 87 plant species are recorded to be found. The wetlands are situated between the Paarden Eiland Industrial Centre and the suburbs of Rugby and Brooklyn. The position of the wetlands result in a number of challenges such as the industrial storm drains feeding rubbish into the wetlands, illegal dumping from the neighbouring communities and illegal occupancy by displaced individuals. Another big challenge is the clearing of alien invasive species from the site on which Cape Flats Strandveld should be present.

Progress has already been made on site by Reward, who been able to remove the illegal structures, clear rubbish and cleared a number of alien species. We look forward to seeing the improvement in the site in the future and welcome Reward to the CTEET team.