Penguin Protocols LLC is sponsoring the development of a mobile system for recording data from daily eland movements in the field. Paul Hoekman from Penguin Protocols has been working closely with the Gantouw Project over the last few months to develop the system according to project needs. The system will be ready for implementation by the end of July. Eland monitors will be able to record observations immediately onto a handheld device, allowing for:
– improved accuracy (pictures of plant species will pop up to confirm the correct species, unknown plant species with location can be uploaded)
– increase in the amount of data that is collected (weather changes, GPS locations of every observation, more than one eland can be observed, data can easily be captured even when it’s raining)
– more time-efficient work (no need to spend time recapturing the data)
– data will be available immediately for reports and recommendations, allowing informed management decisions.

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