In the spirit of Youth Day, CTEET ran a Youth Outreach Programme at the Westlake Community Centre providing the youth with an opportunity to take action.

On 17 June, 220 excited youths partook in the waste awareness programme which aimed to create awareness around the negative effects of illegal dumping and littering. The programme also provides the youths with practical ways to reduce waste generated in their homes.

Plastics SA provided the gloves, masks and bags for the litter clean up and it was inspiring to see how enthusiastic the children were and how much they managed to clean up in a short time. The bags were later collected by the City of Cape Town’s Green Jobs Unit. After the clean up, a few up- cycling activities were provided such as, using waste to make pencil holders and fun items such as insects. Vuzi, the Glass Recycling Company mascot, kept the group motivated throughout the day.

Thank you to all the partners; the Orphan Care Foundation, Women of Westlake, City of Cape Town Waste Management Department, Sports and Recreation Department, Green Jobs Unit and Plastics SA, without whom this programme would not have been such a great success.

Clean up Westlake

Clean up Westlake

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