On Saturday 23 August 2014 the Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) learners were treated to a pre-camp orientation day. The day included a talk from the Cape Leopard Trust about the Cape Leopard and the on-going research in the Cederberg. Lunch was served and then the exciting hand over of camp apparel commenced.

Each learner each got a pair of hiking boots, a rain jacket, a water bottle and a backpack. They were all set and ready to go.

The morning of the 29th of August was filled with excited anticipation. The Cape Leopard Trust Education Vehicle was greeted with clapping and cheering that were heard from the Rondevlei Nature Reserve.

The learners spent a wonderful 2 days exploring the Cederberg. Hadley, the Cape Leopard Trust Educator had them captivated with the knowledge he imparted to them. The learners had the amazing opportunity to hike with the Dr. Quinton Martin, the Director of the Cape Leopard Trust. He taught them about the importance of using camera traps in order to track the Cape Leopard and how important it is to protect the leopard’s natural environment.

The second day saw the learners having a look at the rock art that occurs widely in the Cederberg as well as doing some interesting cave exploring at the Stadsaal cave area.

What the kids had this to say about the camp:
“The night walk was fantastic! While we did the hike, when we came back it was dark and we had to use our senses. We would like to see Hadley again, as I have learnt a lot about plants. The stargazing was very much interesting. We learnt about snakes and the black eagle. Hadley was great at what he did. The San drawing at the caves was very pretty”.
Mario Barnes

“I enjoyed the hike, and Quinton Martins showed us how the camera gets used at night to take pictures of the leopards and porcupines. I enjoyed walking through the ice cold waters when we did the hike on Saturday. I would love to return again to the Cederberg”.
Lauren Petersen

“It was spectacular!!!
I enjoyed the baboons and the food chain Hadley explained about the dassie, leopard and black eagle. I must say Hadley gave very interesting information. We became closer as a group. We would love to go back again and see Hadley”.

Rivaldo Destorie