On 9 May, the Muizenberg East team hosted a search and rescue event at a new development in Capricorn Park.

After sunset, the team went out to capture and relocate several species found on the site. These search and rescue operations are conducted at night as the Cape dwarf chameleons are easier to spot with a torch than during the day.

By the end of the operation, several species were relocated to other vegetated areas within Capricorn Park, that included the following:
-5 Spiders (2 Golden orbs and 3 unidentified)
– 61 Lappet Moth Caterpillars
– a Cape Sand Frog
– 34 Cape Dwarf Chameleons
– 2 Praying Mantises

This particular plot on the verge of development provides a vital wildlife corridor for animals that move through this connecting open space between Soralia Village’s conservation area and Capricorn Park’s stormwater lake, two sites within the Muizenberg East Conservation Cluster.

A camera trap has been placed along the fence line of this plot many times in the past few years and has caught on camera species such as the Cape porcupine, water mongoose, Cape grey mongoose, and a few years back, even a Caracal!

We hope that the servitude, which will remain along the western edge of the plot, will still allow for safe wildlife movement between the two sites.

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