Reached through various environmental education initiatives
Children have attended overnight camps and day programmes
Individuals supported through the in-schools programme

Building our future Conservation Champions!

Nature Connect aims to foster pro-environmental attitudes and behaviours by providing nature and learning experiences. Since 2001, we have expanded our scope to support schools through our Sustainable Schools Programme and Conservation Leadership Project, which nurtures passionate youth into nature leaders. Our focus on behavioural change is strengthened through the professional and personal development of educators towards sustainable practices, leading to whole-school involvement. We offer schools a variety of immersive nature experiences and environmental programs to reconnect learners with nature and develop sustainable practices. Join us in creating a better future for our natural heritage.

Our Programmes Include:

This collaborative model empowers educators to cultivate in learners a sense of responsibility and “Can Do” attitude towards self-care, caring for others, and the planet.

Our program offers key learning and teaching strategies applicable both in the classroom and the wider community, fostering a continuous learning and reflection process for whole-school participation. Our growing network of participants and partners shares a common goal of strengthening Education for Sustainable Development. Join us in creating a better future for ourselves and the planet.

As our flagship offering, we believe overnight camps are the ultimate connect to nature experience. Our camps provide a safe and fun space for youth to engage in hands-on, active, and educational experiences in the great outdoors.

Our expert educators facilitate camps ranging from 1-5 days, with facilities that accommodate groups of up to 60 people, ensuring richer and more meaningful engagement. We can tailor our camps to address specific topics or curriculum-aligned content to meet your needs.

Delve into the wonders of nature with our immersive day excursions or in-school programmes, designed to provide an extended learning experience for your class. Our environmentally themed lessons are carefully aligned with the national curriculum, ensuring educational value while making learning enjoyable through interactive activities and games. These enriching experiences can be facilitated at a range of locations or even conducted conveniently at your school.

Conservation Leaders:

The Conservation Leadership Project aims to identify in-school youth who are passionate about the natural environment and wish to make a positive impact in their communities. Over the course of seven years, we involve these young leaders in environmental activities and take them on trips to various conservation areas throughout South Africa.

Through this program, we aim to broaden their knowledge and understanding of conservation, highlight potential career paths in the environmental sector, and cultivate their passion for nature. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of environmental leaders who will work towards a sustainable future.